Project Deliverables…

IO1: The PINOLO Social Business Manual –

The PINOLO project aims to provide its participants with all the necessary knowledge to help them become social entrepreneurs. The Pinolo Social Business Manual will encourage the artists to undertake an active and constructive attitude and venture into social business initiatives that will benefit themselves and their communities. Local Participatory Groups (LPGs): Each partner consulted with eight participants who were creative individuals with a desire to be more entrepreneurial. These sessions were key in establishing the training needs and skill gaps which the Pinolo materials needed to address. These recommendations were recorded into the national reports.

IO2: The PINOLO Training Guide – 

The Pinolo training guide is based on the European ECVET framework, and has been designed with contributions from the whole partnership. It contains a unique combination of approaches, tools, activities, and methodologies, to provide the artist with entrepreneurial skills.

  • PINOLO Training Guide
  • The PINOLO Training Curriculum
  • The PINOLO Theoretical Framework
  • Piloting and Evaluation of the PINOLO Guide
  • LPG meetings

IO3: The PINOLO Online Platform & Moodle – 

This on-line platform serves as a user-friendly, interactive e-learning environment where artists can register free to access all 8 modules in the PINOLO training guide. The modules cover the themes which emerged from all partners’ participatory groups, so these materials have been co-designed and created by artists for artists.

  • Design of the PINOLO Platform
  • Design and Development of the PINOLO MOODLE
  • Online Training Course Testing and Evaluation
  • Online Training course and Platform –

Transnational Partnership Meetings:

M1. Kick Off Meeting – Due to Coronavirus, M1 which should’ve been held in Athens, was virtual.

M2. Analysis and Development – Due to Coronavirus, M2 which should’ve been held in Cyprus, was virtual.

M3. Mid-Term Evaluation + Training – EGS, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK – Partners meet for the first time in person. The meeting was held by EGS & included Lego Serious Play.

M4. Piloting and Sustainability – ITG, Paris, France – Partners exchanged ideas around piloting of the training guide. Hosted by ITG, in Paris.

M5. Final Validation of training material meeting – LPG, Valladolid, Spain

M6. Final Evaluation Meeting – SAFE, Liverpool, UK

C1. Capacity Building/Joint activity – Hosted by IASIS, Athens – Partners gathered for the ‘training of the trainers’ workshop, experiencing all of the different training modules for the first time.